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Learning Center

SchoolView's Learning Center connects you to resources that help you answer questions such as:

  • How do I use the Colorado Growth Model in SchoolView?
  • How do I understand my child's progress, or the progress of all of the students in a group, school, or district?
  • What resources are available for teachers to improve and understand instructional practice to help students' academic progress?

Use the following links for information and resources to answer these questions.

Resource Links

Using Colorado Growth Model in SchoolView: Understanding Student Progress Finding Teacher Resources
  • CDE Resource Bank
    Current resources include assessments reviewed by Colorado Content Collaborative Teams as well as performance assessments developed by these teams. Click on the Assessment tab to go directly to the assessment search area.
  • DREAM (Digital Resource Exchange and Marketplace)
    DREAM is a free space where teachers, parents, and other educators can find and organize learning resources by Colorado Academic Standards and keywords. Resources available include resources from the CDE Resource Bank, the CDE website, and other educational partners such as History Colorado and Thinkfinity. Sign up for a free account.

Resources and tools available for Colorado educators and parents will be continuously updated.

Please note that information on federal and state accountability, including unified improvement planning, is available on the main CDE website.