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District: 1110 - Falcon 49

The following information is available for this district. Simply click on the links below to access the information.

Assessment Data & Results

  • CSAP performance, reported at each grade level and each proficiency level, and for all disaggregated groups (race/ethnicity, English language learners, economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities), for the district and each school.
  • School and district CSAP performance over time, and compared to the state of Colorado, as a whole.
  • CSAPA results (the alternate assessment)
  • Lectura Results (the Spanish reading assessment for third and fourth graders)
  • District and School Growth Results

State and Federal Accountability

District Accreditation

Colorado uses accreditation to hold districts accountable for student and school performance on the following Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Student Longitudinal Growth
  2. Student Achievement Level
  3. Closing Growth and Achievement Gaps
  4. Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness
  5. Compliance with state laws

2009 District Accreditation - Annual Results Review Summary


Note: If a school began operation in the 2007-2008 school year, these links to School Accountability Reports are not active.

The following reports are provided as historical reference.

School Accountability

  • Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) results- AYP is the accountability measure for schools and districts, for the No Child Left Behind Act. The report includes the overall AYP determination for schools and the district as well as the specific results.
  • The schools that have been identified for Improvement under the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Information about teachers including: the percent of classes taught by Highly Qualified Teachers, the professional qualifications of teachers, and the percent of teachers with emergency licenses.

Post-Secondary Readiness Data

  • Graduation rates
  • Results of the college entrance exam for 11th graders (COACT)
  • Number and percent of students enrolled in post-secondary options
  • Number and percent of students taking Advanced Placement courses

Student Engagement

  • Safety and Discipline Data
  • Attendance Information

BEST Facility Assessment

Please contact your local school district for information regarding:

  • Local goals, objectives and plan to improve educational achievement, maximize graduation rates, and increase the ratings for the school's accreditation category
  • The accreditation status of each of the district's schools
  • High school graduation requirements
  • Additional information regarding safe, civil learning environment and attendance rates