SchoolView Data Center FAQs

General Questions

Where are the 2011-2012 growth and achievement data?

Those data will be loaded in August 2012 as they are checked and pushed into the application.

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Which web browsers are compatible with the SchoolView Data Center?

Recommended browsers are: Internet Explorer 8 (Windows) and Mozilla Firefox (Windows or Mac). If you are using Internet Explorer 9, please run in “compatibility mode." The newest version of Apple's Safari browser (6.0) appears to work well with the current application. Some other browsers, such as Google Chrome, appear to work fine but are not currently recommended. We will continue to test new versions of web browsers as they are released.

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Why can I only see the last three years of data?

It is difficult to present many years of data in such a small space, so CDE made the choice to present what is probably of greatest interest to most people, the latest three years. Earlier years of data are available in various locations on the CDE website, depending on the type of data. Demographics, student counts, graduation and dropout rates, etc. are available at Assessment and growth data can be found on

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Can we drill down to student-level data in the Data Center?

No, the Data Center is a public tool. If you have been granted access by a local school district, you can get to student-level data in the Colorado Growth Model or in CEDAR. The starting place to get into either of these tools is here.

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